Do you have a Google My Business Listing?


Well, This is how I’m accurately tracking Google My Business (GMB) traffic & performance in Google Analytics: 

  • For GMB Info Website Links: add this query string to your website/landingpage/



  • For GMB Post Links: add this query string to yourwebsite/landingpage/



Google Analytics Default Channel Grouping (aggregated data only)

I’m then editing the Default Channel Grouping in Google Analytics (Under Channel Settings) to add in a ‘Google My Business’ channel by Source contains

This channel has to be placed ahead of the Organic ‘System Defined’ Default channel ranking (or you need to also add OR / Exclude Source Contains

Introduce, Influence, Impact:

This will then give you great insight through Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels & Attribution where you can see Google My Business Listings introduce, influence and then directly impact a lead or sale


I also have a good system to more clearly & accurately track Adwords Express, Google Shopping and Social Media Advertising Campaigns…. even SMS Campaigns.

So hit me up if you wanna know more!